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Stephen Colbert took some shots at the little-known presidential candidates departing the race on Monday night’s episode of The Late Show. Continuing his “Hungry For Power Games” segment (now with the added Chafee-ng Fire), Colbert donned the same blue wig and colorful voice, mimicking Caesar Flickerman from The Hunger Games.

That was until Stanley Tucci, the real Caesar Flickerman, appeared to confront Colbert.

“My Tucci sense started tingling,” Tucci told Colbert. “As it does whenever somebody impersonates the character that I’ve played, Caesar Flickerman.”

The host refuted Tucci’s claims, saying “for legal reasons I don’t know who Caesar Flickerman is.” Colbert said he was playing his brother, Julius Flickerman.

But as soon as Colbert learned Flickerman was Tucci’s proudest role, Colbert took the actor’s suggestion that he try playing somebody else from the hit series.

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Watch the clip below to see Colbert take on his new role as Julius Trinket, Effie’s brother.

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