The Ridiculous Six

release date 04/27/15
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October 27, 2015 at 04:15 PM EDT

“From the streaming site that brought you Beasts of No Nation…”

Months ahead of its December release, The Ridiculous 6, the first movie in Adam Sandler’s production deal with Netflix, has created more controversy than laughs. The Western spoof starring Sandler, Luke Wilson, Taylor Lautner, and more as a band of bank-robbing half-brothers made headlines earlier this year when Native American actors walked off set after complaining of mistreatment and stereotypes in the film.

Sandler told the AP that the issue was all a misunderstanding that would be cleared up once people saw the finished film, and now we’re getting a glimpse at the first trailer from The Ridiculous 6

The preview — perhaps purposefully — doesn’t include any humor aimed at Native Americans and features Sandler playing it surprisingly straight. Doing the opposite of that is Lautner, whose character may recall a quote from Tropic Thunder

The Ridiculous 6 will debut on Netflix on Dec. 11.


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