By Kyle Anderson
Updated October 27, 2015 at 12:02 PM EDT

Like wine and the films of Jean Vigo, some things just get better with age. Such is the case of Dave Gahan, the Depeche Mode frontman who last week put out his second album with the British electro-blues collective Soulsavers. Credited to Dave Gahan & Soulsavers and titled Angels & Ghosts, it’s a thrilling, immediate collection of tunes that finds Gahan, who possesses one of the most iconic voices in pop over the past three decades, in exquisite form. It’s a continuation of an impressive winning streak for the 53-year-old singer, a run that includes the first album he did with Soulsavers (2012’s The Light the Dead See) and Depeche Mode’s stellar 2013 album Delta Machine.

Not only does Gahan sound great, but he also continues to innovate. The first single from Angels & Ghosts now has a video, and it’s quite the impressive undertaking. It’s the first ever music video delivered in smartphone hologram format. You can enjoy the sexy clip below here on the site, but for an optimum experience, you’ll need a CD case and some minor crafting skills.

The clip was directed by fourclops, a collective that specializes in interactive video (they made Rixton’s awesome “Wait On Me” video, which was a choose-your-own-adventure style clip). “It was a thrill to pair up with an artist like Dave Gahan whose work has always leaned towards the future,” the director tells EW. “The hologram adds an extra level of texture to the viewing experience, and it’s a great fit with Dave and Soulsavers’ approach towards music. Our goal is always to break new ground and come at projects from a new and different angle, and this video checked all our boxes. We think this is just the beginning of playing with this technique—there’s a lot of ground to explore with holograms from installations, to immersive films, concerts, and parties.”

Check out the cutting edge clip for Dave Gahan & Soulsavers’ “All This and Nothing” below, and if you want to add the hologram experience, be sure to follow the video at the bottom to learn how to pull that off at home.