When in doubt during a Final Jeopardy response, most Jeopardy! contestants may take the easy route out and leave their board blank or write in a message to their parents. Instead, Becky Sullivan decided to have some fun with her answer, even if it unintentionally insulted any liberals who may have been watching.

The final question asked the remaining two contestants to identify the name of a flower by its picture and by its name also being “a disparaging term for people on the political left.” Sullivan, unsure of the answer, wrote “pansy” as her response.

“I think you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country,” host Alex Trebek said before (and, oddly, after) revealing her response, which cost her her $6,000 cume. Fellow contestant Sean Anderson answered correctly and won the night.

Sullivan, an NPR producer, explained that she didn’t mean the answer as an insult to any particular polticial party, she “just put the only flower I knew that was also an insult.” She also revealed that she didn’t walk away entirely empty-handed while live-tweeting the episode.

Watch the full Final Jeopardy clip below.


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