The truth is up there, X-Files fans — right up there, at the top of this post. That’s where you’ll find the full video of Saturday’s EW Fest panel featuring series creator Chris Carter and writer-producers Glen Morgan and Darin Morgan, who dished about how they shaped the original sci-fi series and what’s in store for the upcoming revival.

Carter, for example, denied recent rumors — sparked by a seemingly off-hand comment from series star David Duchovny — that Mulder and Scully are hitched. “They were together but never married, so that was news to me,” Carter said during the panel. “You saw them in the second movie — they were obviously together and under one roof. I am here to announce that is not the case coming back.”

Carter added that Mulder (Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) “are no longer together for reasons that we come to understand over the course of the pilot — it’s mentioned — and we see the reigniting of some old passions that each of them have. And they find a reason to come back together, not romantically, but for other reasons.”

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The trio also discussed their open-ended approach to the original series — the only guideline, Glen Morgan recalled, was “If Scully ever sees an alien or they kiss, the show’s over” — and revealed that they never stopped coming up with new X-Files ideas over the years.

“Something about that show is a place that, for me, I like to explore,” Glen Morgan said. “And I love writing for Gillian and David.”

Watch the full panel above.

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