By Christian Holub
Updated October 26, 2015 at 09:00 PM EDT

Even without a star-studded squad behind her, Adele is proving she’s still one of the queens of pop. The music video for “Hello,” Adele’s first single in three years, shattered Vevo’s record for most single-day views with 27.7 million, Vevo announced Monday. The record previously was held by Taylor Swift’s fire-powered “Bad Blood” (20.1 million) and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” (19.6 million) before that, because women rule pop now.

The new record isn’t the “Hello” video’s only achievement. It’s also the first music video to be partially shot using IMAX cameras. Director Xavier Dolan elaborated on the use of IMAX in an interview with EW Friday.

“The shots on IMAX are two shots: mostly the finale on that pond, and there’s the shot of her opening her eyes. I love an introduction like that,” Dolan said. “It just seemed nice: she had been gone for three or four years. So she’s settling in and taking all of those curtains and sheets off, ripping them down from the walls. It’s like Adele coming back home.”

“Hello” became an internet sensation within hours of its release and has now been viewed more than 73 million times, but it’s got a little farther to go if Adele wants to unseat Swift’s other big Vevo record. “Blank Space” recently became the all-time most-viewed video on Vevo, with 1.2 billion views and counting. It remains to be seen whether the sepia-toned “Hello” video can make it past that finish line.