Credit: The Fourth Door

A creepy new web series is coming to Verizon’s new mobile app, with High School Musical’s Monique Coleman set to take on YouTube star Joey Graceffa in a bizarre, dreamlike world.

New Form Digital’s The Fourth Door was created by actor and producer Jarrett Sleeper and Tony E. Valenzuela, who founded BlackBoxTV, YouTube’s biggest horror and sci-fi channel. The Fourth Door stars Coleman as a woman named Lain who wakes up struggling to recall how she got there or who she is. With the help of a young astronaut named Colin (Reid Miller), she must journey through the bizarre world of Limbo to rescue the man she loves from the King of Limbo (Graceffa) before he can devour them all.

The series originated as a short filmed commissioned by New Form Digital’s “Incubator Series,” which also resulted in Vimeo series like Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures.

The first two episodes of The Fourth Door will debut Tuesday on Verizon’s go90 app, with a new 10-minute episode airing every Tuesday and Thursday for the next six weeks. Watch the exclusive trailer for the series below.