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Sean Astin doesn’t know what a Goonies sequel would look like, but he does have some ideas. In a recent interview, the actor said he thinks we’ll see a continuation of the Richard Donner classic in our life times and offered up some ideas as to what that might entail.

“We’re all getting into middle age,” he told Yahoo Movies. “I’ve got a kid in college now. I don’t know if it’s [the Goonies] and their kids, or they just do a total reboot. Is it about people later in life rediscovering the magic? I don’t know. They have lots of ideas and they’ve been developing in different ways, but I just don’t think they’ve arrived at what they think the best option is. I wish they’d just break the logjam, because it’s so popular, they could probably do a cartoon and a Broadway show and other versions of movies. I think they’re just holding on too tight.”

Last year, Donner said a sequel was in the works, while writer Chris Columbus told HuffPost Live back in June that they’re still looking for the right writer. “The Goonies have aged 30 years, so there was a magic about that particular cast,” he said. “How do you make it work now? That’s a difficult challenge.”

Despite the behind-the-scenes happenings, Astin is “absolutely convinced some version of it will happen eventually.” He said, “People really want it. And when people want something that bad, it’s the job of the studio to deliver.”

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