By Nick Romano
Updated October 24, 2015 at 10:31 PM EDT

Vine star Marcus Johns never had that cliche moment when he realized his success, but he does recognize how far he has left to go.

“It was the time I went to the Oscars,” he recalled after his Digital Influencers panel at EW Fest. “I was like, look at these actual movie stars I’ve been watching my whole life. But I was validated. Like, whoa, look where social media can bring you.”

One of the biggest things he wishes he knew starting out is to tell audiences exactly who he was. “I felt like there was a lot of pressure to say everything’s okay, but people want you for who you are,” he said. “I fell into the trap of I’m Marcus Johns, the Viner, but I’ve slowly realized I’m Marcus Johns and you can follow me anywhere I go.”

Johns hopes to one day follow in the career-rebranding footsteps of Jim Carrey and Steve Carell, two actors who “can be both silly and slapstick, but have a more serious side. And be respected as both.”

He continued, “When people think of Jim Carrey, they’re like silly Ace Ventura guy, but he’s had incredible serious roles. Steve Carell doing more serious Oscar-contending roles. There’s always time to grow and change, and I’m learning that from them. I think I’m in a position right now where I have the ability to rebrand.”

Before that time comes, he has a smaller project on the docket. “I might be doing another rap battle thing. I did this campaign a year ago, Rap Battle Marcus. Maybe I’ll do something similar to that. I try to do something like Smile where I have friends in social media do.”