By Jessica Derschowitz
Updated October 24, 2015 at 04:39 PM EDT
Neil Mockford/Getty Images

Adele made history (and made celebrities cry) with the release of her music video for “Hello,” and now she’s giving fans a behind the scenes look at her big return.

The 27-year-old singer shared a photo on Instagram from the making of the video, showing her on set with director Xavier Dolan.

Dolan also posted a close-up photo of Adele (and her perfectly applied eyeliner) from the video to his own Instagram page on Friday.

The video, Adele’s first since 2011, features her picking over the pieces of a failed relationship, with Tristan Wilds playing her ex. It’s also the first music video to be partially shot using IMAX cameras.

“I heard the song and all the images were so naturally running in front of my eyes and it was just like watching whatever scenery go by when you’re driving,” Dolan told EW. “Everything was so clear. It was almost like it had been edited already. We agreed on the look, the love story. It was about adding layers of textures. She wanted something memorable. I thought I couldn’t do that because the song is unforgettable! But I was imagining something simple: a girl who is stumbling upon accessories in her house that are reminders of her past love, and going back into a relationship that is slowly going awry.”