Credit: Pixar

Steve Jobs co-founded Pixar, the gigantic animation studio that created Toy Story. But there’s a link between the unrelenting innovator and good-natured cowboy Woody that never hit the screen.

When Steve Jobs screenwriter Aaron Sorkin was asked at the Sirius XM Town Hall if there was anything he would have liked to have fit into his script, he revealed Pixar created a 20-minute test film for Toy Story with a different type of Woody fans never saw. Namely, he’s “tyrannical.”

“[Woody is] incredibly mean. He does push Buzz Lightyear out the window on purpose,” Sorkin reveals. “You remember in the original, it only seems that way, like all his buddies think he did it on purpose: ‘No, it was an accident! He fell off the thing.’ In this one, he did do it, and he’s being mean to everyone.

“The truth is, he’s, in so many ways, resembling Steve, what he is,” Sorkin adds. “And it was Steve who said, ‘Are you out of your mind? He’s got to be likable.'”

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As much as he wanted the scene in, Sorkin couldn’t justify adding it. “I wanted to be able to show some of that footage, I wanted to be able to have that conversation, but you can’t jam things in because you like them,” he adds.

There’s been a lot of talk, from Fassbender himself to Jobs collaborator and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, on the truths and myths in Steve Jobs.

Listen to Sorkin’s full answer below.

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