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If the first thought that came to your mind when listening to Adele’s new single “Hello” was, “How would Lionel Richie — whose 1984 song by the same name landed him two Grammy nominations — react?” then you’re not alone. While many celebs took an instant liking to the lead single off the British singer’s forthcoming album, BlendTV’s mashup (below) of both “Hello” videos shows Richie getting the short end of Adele’s poor cell phone reception.

Earlier in the original video, Adele does seem to be using the same landline phone as Richie does in his “Hello” cut, proving she might be giving Richie a silent nod after all. Both videos even lack color, meaning the battle of the “Hello”s might be have more commonground than we think.

Judge the mashup, and Adele’s new video, for yourself below: