All men must die — and then come back from the dead


George R. R. Martin is getting a taste of his own medicine — sort of. The Game of Thrones mastermind cameos in an upcoming episode of Syfy’s Z Nation, in which he plays himself, but as a zombie.

Unlike the wights beyond the Wall, though, he doesn’t appear to be an undead abomination intent on destroying Westeros. (Or, for readers of the Song of Ice and Fire series, he’s also unlike Lady Stoneheart in that he’s not leading a bloody quest for revenge.) He’s simply signing copies of his book, A Promise of Spring a play off of A Dream of Spring, the expected title of the seventh novel in the author’s wildly successful series.

In the episode, Murphy (Keith Allan) gets captured by a possibly insane zombie collector aptly named “The Collector” (Tom Beyer), who takes him on a tour of the exhibitions at his creepy zombie museum. There, he introduces Murphy to Martin, who now spends his days inside the “celebrity zombie room.” (He succumbed to the virus shortly after a hectic escape from Comic-Con, the Collector explains). Murphy, unfortunately, isn’t all that impressed with meeting Martin, because he’s never read or watched the series.

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Luckily, that doesn’t seem to bother the zombified Martin. In the clip of his appearance on the show above, he’s too busy hilariously chomping on a copy of his own book to worry about the onlookers.

Z Nation airs Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy. (Martin’s episode airs the night of Oct. 30.)


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