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Updated October 22, 2015 at 04:21 PM EDT
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For most of her life, Freya Mikaelson was on her own, desperately trying to escape the grasp of her evil aunt Dahlia. But now that Dahlia is dead, Freya finds herself reunited with her siblings and free to do as she pleases. And on a show like The Originals, that freedom can be dangerous.

“Now that Dahlia is gone, she’s really let her hair down and is having fun and experiencing modern time for the first time. She’s having a few drinks,” Riley Voelkel said, adding, “She’s closer to the family now. They’ve really accepted her and she’s not used to that, so she’s for the first time having people who are actually fighting for her. Everything she ever wanted was this family and now she’s part of it, so that’s the big change.”

And in order to keep her family together, Freya is willing to do anything, including watching over baby Hope. Although, now that Hayley is back, she’s going to become a bit more like “auntie Freya,” according to Voelkel. “She’ll always hold that role a little bit.”

So could her newfound freedom – and love of fun — lead to a romantic relationship? Voelkel certainly hopes so, though after discussing how all of her options in the city are “family or taken,” it’s decided that if Freya were to find love, it’d need to be with someone brand new.

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However, she might not have time for love when the sire line war puts her family in danger. As the eldest sibling, Freya will feel a responsibility to protect her family. “She doesn’t have the same resentment that they have towards each other, so she really wants the whole family to stay together,” Voelkel said. “Now that they’re all in danger and she’s the only witch of the Mikaelsons, she definitely tries to take care of things. They come to her to do all of the spell work, the witch work, all of that. She’s definitely feeling the pressure because this is all she’s ever wanted and now it could be taken away.”

As for whether Freya will get involved with the other witches of New Orleans, Voelkel said it’s unlikely. To be a part of the witch community, she’d have to leave behind her family, and as she put it, “I think she’ll always be on the Mikaelson side.”

The Originals airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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