By Amanda Michelle Steiner
October 22, 2015 at 03:44 PM EDT
Sven Jacobsen

In celebration of One Direction’s upcoming fifth album, Made in the A.M., a particularly dedicated group of fans placed a full-page ad in Billboard magazine thanking the group for sticking around the past five years. 

Louis Tomlinson was the first to take to Twitter with his appreciation, writing that the ad is “amazing.” Harry Styles chimed in with a tweet praising the “lovely” fans responsible and Liam Payne wrote that he couldn’t believe the fans did this for the band, adding, “Thank you for your incredible support!”


The ad, in full, reads:

“To One Direction,

Congratulations on the release of Made in the A.M. 

We’ll be here long after the lights have dimmed and the screams have subsided. 

‘An artist is nothing without fans and a fan is nothing without an artist.’

Thank you for being our everything!


Directioners worldwide


The project was orchestrated by a group of fans operating under the handle @FansTilTheEnd. The idea, sparked back in May, came to fruition thanks to various efforts including a GoFundMe page, bake sales, Etsy stores, and the “tantrums, tears, and plenty of laughs” that came along with such an undoubtedly effortful and costly endeavor.