By Madison Vain
Updated October 22, 2015 at 03:15 PM EDT
Brian Killian/FilmMagic

Miley Cyrus’s favorite producer — well, aside from Wayne Coyne, of course — Buygore Records labelhead, and Sirius XM radio show host, Asaf Borger has spent the last decade crafting and releasing a unqiue blend of heavy-hitting dubstep tracks under the name Borgore. In the way that Skrillex’s history as an alt-rocker shapes the nuances of his dance music, Borgore’s past as the drummer in a deathcore band adds layers to his productions.

Earlier this month he releaed his Keep It Sexy EP, which features collabs with rapper G-Eazy, production duo PRXZM, and electronica artists Dahn Farro. Today, he’s sharing a playlist of tunes that will have you dancing in no time — is it the weekend yet?

Borgore ft. G-Eazy, “Forbes”

“Best tune of the year!”

Adair, “Show Me”

“Adair has been killing it lately. He just dropped an EP on Buygore and has a second on the way.”

Snails & heRobust, “Pump This (Getter Remix)”

“Getter killed it on this remix.”

AMPR ft. PRXZM, “Lost With You”

“AMPR crushed this track, and PRXZM’s vocals are a breath of fresh air.”

Ookay & Getter, “World”

“Two of my favorite people, Ookay and Getter, collaborated and made one hell of a track.”

Dr. Ozi ft. DDARK, “Loose Cannon”

“It’s just fire. The drop is insane.”

Rain Man ft. Omar Linx, “Broke Bitch”

“‘I can make a broke bitch rich’ — story of my life.”

Brewski, “Niykee Heaton”

“I think Niykee Heaton is one of the hottest women alive.”

Silento, “Watch Me (Bad Royale Remix)”

“This track keeps the original elements while putting a new twist on it.”

Victor Niglio, “Xibalba”

“This tune makes me jump like a monkey.”

Axel Boy, “Go Ham”

“Axel Boy is one of my favorite producers right now. I love the fact that he can go from very melodic songs to super energectic and aggressive songs.”