And prepare to hear it again and again.

By Madison Vain
Updated October 22, 2015 at 04:13 PM EDT
Credit: Jon Duenas

RAC, an indie electronic project from Portland by way of Portugal producer André Allen Anjos, began as a remix platform (“RAC” stands for Remix Artist Collective) in 2007. He broke out with a rework of “Sleeping Lessons” for The Shins, and his profile grew as he took on Lana Del Rey’s “Blue Jeans” and Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros’ “Home.”

Recently, he’s turned his focus to original works. April 2014 saw the release of the debut full-length, Strangers. Last month, he released the soundtrack to the video game Master Spy. And this summer, he kicked off his month singles series with the infectious “Back of the Car” — EW is excited to continue the series, premiering his newest tune, “One House,” featuring SPEAK, below.

“Very vaguely speaking, it’s a song about overcoming,” Anjos says of the finger-snapping, retro song. “Troupe, the singer of the song, and I have been friends for many, many years. Recently, he actually joined my band to sing live — so there’s a practical side to making the song: We’ll get to perform it live with the original singer. But I had been sitting on this demo — a very basic instrumental — for about two years and Troupe took it and came back with this chorus that’s so powerful.”

Anjos isn’t always involved in the lyrics of his songs, “Of course, I care about lyrics, [but] I don’t want to seem like an overbearing parent. I want [the singers] to be as much a part of the track as they want to be.” Which isn’t to say Anjos’ contributions aren’t equally emotive — he’s got a preternatural ability to evoke complicated emotions through his deft handle on atmospherics.

“I’m attracted to nuance and texture and mood of music,” he says of how he creates. “I’m more interested in the chords and what they remind me of. I was born in ’85 and I grew up on eighties sounds through the lens of the nineties — so I feel a kinship to the sounds of the eighties. This song evokes nostalgia for that time.”

“One House” is streaming exclusive on EW below.

Anjos kicks off his North American headlining tour at the beginning of November. A full list of dates are available on his website.