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There will be blood, it will be Bart’s, and it will be on Sideshow Bob’s hands.

The deranged, erudite former sidekick-turned-criminal will finally have his way with Bart Simpson — a.k.a. “the spirited little scamp who twice foiled my evil schemes and sent me to this dank, urine-soaked hellhole” — in Sunday’s “Treehouse of Horror,” a.k.a. The Simpsons‘ annual Halloween episode. In the first tale of the terror trilogy, Sideshow Bob murders Bart in all sorts of creative ways, and then finds out if the fruits of his violent victory taste as good as he imagined they would.

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“You never saw the Road Runner lose. This time you do,” Simpsons executive producer Al Jean recently told EW about this segment. “[Sideshow Bob’s] whole life has just been about killing Bart, so what’s next? We deal with how Bob would really feel once he accomplished this goal he’s had his whole life.” Press play above to see Sideshow Bob kill. And kill. And kill. And then kill some more.

To find out what other evils lurk in “Treehouse of Horror XXVI,” which airs Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox, click here.

Credit: Fox
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