By Clark Collis
Updated October 20, 2015 at 04:33 PM EDT
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Like some rubber axe-wielding Howard Stern, filmmaker Larry Fessenden is fast becoming the King of All Horror Media. With frequent collaborator Graham Reznick he wrote the 10,000-page script for last August’s video game Until Dawn and he is currently overseeing the third season of his creepy audio drama series Tales From Beyond the Pale, with another longtime associate Glenn McQuaid.

As an actor, Fessenden’s recent credits include FX’s The Strain and the now-available-on-Blu-ray We Are Still Here as well as director Mickey Keating’s forthcoming fright machine Darling and Joe Begos’ telekenesis action-thriller, The Mnd’s Eye. Finally, today, Scream Factory is releasing The Larry Fessenden Collection, a Blu-ray set which rounds up the director’s first four films (No Telling, Habit, Wendigo, and The Last Winter) together with an impressive array of extras, not least the best animated short you’re ever likely to see about a werewolf Santa Claus.

In short, we thought Fessenden might have a suggestion as to which movie horror fans should check out this Halloween season. And he did!

“It’s so bleak, but I recommend Angst, which is newly out on Blu-ray,” says the filmmaker. “It’s one of the great works of cinema. Don’t watch it lightly — you might want a bottle next to you. It’s the most appalling, horrific film. I mean, it’s on the shelf with just a few other movies that you don’t really need to see again, like Henry: Portrait of a Serial KIller, and Man Bites Dog, and Irreversible. But it’s actually more artful than all of those. It’s a serial killer movie, it’s a home invasion film. But the way it’s filmed [it has] this dualism — the camera’s way up here indifferently floating above and then the other part of it is a rig on the guy. So, you’re so engaged with this. And then, the violence and the horror is in that special camp. I actually don’t like gore films. But this is so artful and truly remarkable that I am recommending it. Once again, not a great time. But an amazing experience.”

In fact, even the trailer for Angst is so harrowing, we decided not to embed it. But you can see promotional clips for Wendigo and The Last Winter, below.