In the new film Criminal Activities, four friends find themselves in trouble with the mob after a “sure thing” investment goes wrong. The directorial debut of actor Jackie Earle Haley (Little Children), this thriller boasts an eye-catching cast, which includes Haley, John Travolta, Michael Pitt, and Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey.

“[My character is] for the most part kind of a nerd who reunites with some high school friends and they sort of fall in with the mob,” Stevens told EW last year. “I was really intrigued to work with Jackie Earle Haley. I was a big fan of his as an actor. I’d not worked with an actor-director before. John Travolta was really great. He didn’t come in as ‘big JT,’ he came in as a fellow actor wanting to see what we’re all up to and really got involved.”

Criminal Activities will be released in theaters, on VOD, and via iTunes on Nov. 20. You can see the film’s trailer exclusively above.