By Will Robinson
Updated October 20, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT

Teens and millennials may not know their dad’s favorite Bruce Springsteen song or instantly recognizing when grandpa drops a Godfather quote, but everyone seems to appreciate the Back to the Future franchise, which turned 30 this year.

The crew at Fine Brothers Entertainment rounded up a dozen young pop culture enthusiasts and showed them the trailer for Back to the Future Part II, the 1989 sequel to Marty and Doc’s first adventure. The film, of course, sees the heroes travel to Oct. 21, 2015. Upon hearing the date, some in the video lost their minds. “Oh my God!” Miracle, 16, utters while spinning in her chair and grabbing her head in disbelief.

All of them were at least aware of the series. One called the second film his favorite in the series. Another hadn’t seen any of the films. And they didn’t really mock the way the film depicted the future — what tomorrow will be the present, and by Thursday, the past. “[It’s] pretty much how everybody in the past thought the future was going to be: lots of cool stuff,” Derek, 14, adds.

Catch the video above and see what the group predicts for their future.

Back to the Future

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