Credit: Ralph Nelson

The future of Back to the Future Part II has finally arrived, and it’s front-page news — at least according to USA Today. To commemorate the real world catching up to Marty McFly’s arrival in 2015 in the 1989 film, the newspaper will recreate the crucial front page he encountered and wrap it around newsstand copies of Thursday’s edition.

As in the film, the futuristic USA Today will feature an updated logo, a lead story about Martin McFly Jr. (Michael J. Fox) being arrested for theft, and an apparent readership of 3 billion. (Who said the newspaper business was in trouble?)

Upon closer inspection, the page is full of Back to the Future in-jokes and Easter eggs, including a tease to a review of Jaws 19; an article about Robert Zemeckis (the real-life director of the BTTF trilogy) remaking a movie based on George McFly’s sci-fi romance novel A Match Made in Space; a story about a pizza-hydrating mishap; and a self-referential item with the headline “Public more gullible than ever.”

Take a peek at the front page below:

Back to the Future Part II
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