Pop singer stays loyal to the #squad on 'Watch What Happens Live'

By Christian Holub
Updated October 19, 2015 at 04:05 PM EDT
Raymond Hall/GC Images

If Selena Gomez knows the true subject of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood,” she isn’t talking.

On Sunday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen asked the Swift #squad member and “Bad Blood” video costar if the song was about Katy Perry during a segment of “Plead the Fifth” (in which he asks his guest a variety of possibly-embarrassing questions, allowing his guest the ability to refuse one). “Put the rumors to rest once and for all: Is ‘Bad Blood’ about Katy Perry?” Cohen asked.

“Plead the fifth,” Gomez said, immediately taking advantage of the game’s get-out-of-jail-free card.

Ever since Swift told Rolling Stone last fall that the song was about a fellow female artist who stole dancers, many have assumed that the song was about Perry — including Perry herself. Swift, however, complicated things last week, telling GQ that all of those assumptions were not necessarily correct.

“You’re in a Rolling Stone interview, and the writer says, ‘Who is that song about? That sounds like a really intense moment from your life.’ And you sit there, and you know you’re on good terms with your ex-boyfriend, and you don’t want him — or his family — to think you’re firing shots at him. So you say, ‘That was about losing a friend,'” she said. “And that’s basically all you say. But then people cryptically tweet about what you meant. I never said anything that would point a finger in the specific direction of one specific person, and I can sleep at night knowing that. I knew the song would be assigned to a person, and the easiest mark was someone who I didn’t want to be labeled with this song. It was not a song about heartbreak. It was about the loss of friendship.”

Swift added, “Listen to the song. It doesn’t point to any one person or any one situation. But if you’d listened to my previous four albums, you would think this was about a guy who broke my heart. And nothing could be further from the truth. It was important to show that losing friendships can be just as damaging to a person as losing a romantic relationship.”