By Ian Goldstein
October 17, 2015 at 01:54 PM EDT
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Remember all those times you saw a bald Bruce Willis in one of his films? Well, it seems, you and everyone else were mistaken — the actor was actually sporting Donald Trump’s hair in each role.

No stranger to wearing wigs for David Letterman, the actor appeared on Friday night’s episode of The Tonight Show dressed in the presidential candidate’s signature red tie and golden hair.

The Rock the Kasbah star then told Fallon that it was his actual hair, but it just grows fast and he has to shave for each role.

“It suddenly had just seemed to grow exponentially,” Willis told Fallon. “I was a blonde when I was a kid.”

Willis then proved it to Fallon, going through his prolific career and in films that included Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, and even Look Who’s Talking, the Trump wig made an appearance.

Watch the clip below to see how Willis sported the look in The Sixth Sense.

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