By Nick Romano
October 17, 2015 at 05:16 PM EDT

It’s only appropriate that a game named after Miley Cyrus’ much-talked-about music video should be equally eyebrow-raising.

The singer came on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week to compete with DeGeneres in a game of “Wrecking Balls.” According to the comedienne, it’s a “stupid, dumb game” her writers thought up in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The pair had to use “the thingy dangling between our legs” to push a ball across the floor to the finish line.

“I’ve got some power with my dangly thing,” Cyrus said before the race, though she proved to be, shall we say, ill-equipped to face DeGeneres. Watch the video below.


This game was created as part of The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s partnership with ULTA Beauty. All month long they are helping to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which is the only reason DeGeneres said she agreed to play “Wrecking Balls.”

It was all worth it in the end. Thanks to their efforts, ULTA Beauty is donating $10,000 to the foundation.