By Ian Goldstein
October 17, 2015 at 02:56 PM EDT

Homeland made headlines recently when Arabic graffiti that translated to “Homeland is racist” appeared on the show — unbeknownst to showrunner Alex Gansa, who hired the graffiti artists to add an authentic spark to the Showtime series.

“Who could have predicted graffiti artists would break the rules?” Stephen Colbert said on Friday night’s episode of The Late Show.

The host called it a “major intelligence failure” on the part of Homeland, saying the next episode “might explore the ethics of enhanced screaming at an intern.”

The inciting reason for the graffiti was the show’s inaccurate portrayal of Muslims, something Colbert couldn’t argue, but the host did point out that “the show doesn’t accurately portray anything.”

“You really think that bipolar disorder is all about solving international conspiracies to the sound of jazz?” Colbert said. “No. It’s mostly feeling so depressed that you lay in bed all day binge-watching Homeland.”

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Watch the video below to see Colbert address other Homeland inaccuracies, including Mandy Patinkin’s lack of singing. 

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