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How is Meredith going to react to Callie’s new girlfriend on Grey’s Anatomy? — Kendra

You mean the one who played a role in the death of her husband? In short: “Not well,” Sara Ramirez tells me. “It’s a challenging discovery. She’s going to need a lot of support, and she’s going to be reactive. That’s going to create some major conflict between a lot of the doctors, including Meredith.” Bonus: That rumor about Josh Duhamel guest-starring is totally false.

We should get some Chicago Fire spoilers in honor of all those firemen. — Stephanie

Yes, I survived my ordeal… of waiting in the lobby until I gave up and went home. How about some scoop on Matt? He’s not going to let go of Katia’s murder so easily. “Casey’s getting pissed off because justice isn’t being served,” executive producer Matt Olmstead says. “Casey takes it upon himself to uncover the details at a great risk.” Though Casey is pissed now, the case may actually bring him and Voight together. “There’s a certain understanding they come to at the culmination of this two-parter,” Olmstead says. “They’re never going to shake hands and have a beer together, but at a certain point, Casey can appreciate Voight’s style of policing and how effective it can be.”

Excited to see Whitney Frost (Wynn Everett) on Agent Carter. Is there anything you can share about her character? — Janie

“She’s our villain this year with our Cinematic Universe/1940s spin on the character sort of like we did with Dr. Fenhoff, who was a more modern character, and we’re pulling her through time,” executive producer Chris Dingess tells me. “She and Peggy’s stories compliment and inform one another.” Of course, she won’t initially be the bad guy. “She’s a very complicated person,” adds EP Tara Butters. “Through the course of the season, you get to see how she moves to that side. It’s not a very simple question of her being a villain.”

When are we going to see Angela Bassett on American Horror Story: Hotel? — Tanya

Debuting in next week’s episode, Ramona Royale sets her sights on using Donovan to get to The Countess, with whom she has a “love-hate relationship that began oh so beautifully,” but turned sour, according to Angela Bassett. “I need a little help to infiltrate… because I stand out.”

Do you have details on the Once Upon a Time episode featuring Merida, Mulan and Ruby? — Natasha

Much will be revealed during the outing, which takes place during the two-parter slated to air during November sweeps. “We’re going to get to see more of Merida’s backstory in it,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “It’s an epic adventure.” As for how Mulan and Ruby factor into that, Horowitz teases coyly, “You will have fun and adventure,” he says. “We do address where Ruby has been all this time, and that’s part of the story.”

I doubt they’re going to kill off Jane Doe, but that trailer for next week’s Blindspot freaked me out a little bit. What can you tease? — Heather

Yes, big bad Carter does take aim at Jane with a sniper rifle during a highly tense situation involving terrorists in a graveyard, but a surprising person will come to her rescue.

Is it wrong that I totally want to see Alex and Booth together on Quantico? — Sarah

Not wrong at all, though Sunday’s episode will be an emotional roller coaster for the Alex and Booth ‘shippers. While the two share a pretty sexy moment, Booth is also tasked with doing something pretty unforgivable to his mark. In other news, new developments about Shelby’s past and future could point to her being responsible for the attack, but she won’t go quietly when Alex confronts her.

What does Jay Garrick’s role on The Flash look like moving forward? — Sam

I’ll let Teddy Sears take this one: “Jay finds himself wonderfully ingratiated into the group at S.T.A.R. Labs,” he says. “He becomes an extra spoke in the wheel for their doing battle with the metahuman-of-the-week. Jay’s background as a scientist allows him to accomplish things in a way that perhaps the team wasn’t able to do before. That said, Caitlin Snow is also a scientist and the two of them find themselves teaming up on whatever needs to be done to help defeat the villains, and they also begin to share a closeness that neither one of them could’ve anticipated.” What’s their ‘shipper name? Hit the comments!

Any news about Carol Burnett’s return to Hawaii Five-0? — Lisa

Yeah, but it’s probably bad news on two fronts. Aunt Deb is tentatively slated to return in the New Year, but Peter Lenkov says, “It’s closure for her story.” If you recall, she’s been battling cancer, so “closure” probably isn’t a good thing. Also, “If you remember, she got married in Hawaii to Frankie Valli,” Lenkov adds. “She’s actually coming back alone this time.” Ruh-roh… what a night. No? I’ll just hang my head in shame over here.

Anything iZombie? — Jeannine

Love is in the air! We’ll soon meet FBI Agent Dale Bozzio (Jessica Harmon), who comes in to work on a case and catches Clive’s eye. In other news, don’t expect Liv to uncover the truth about her new roomie Gilda anytime soon. The writers have penned 12 episodes so far and she’s still firmly embedded. “She’s clever, that girl,” EP Rob Thomas says. “I doubt she’ll make it through the season.”

Best news I’ve heard all week: The resemblance is uncanny.

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Additional reporting by Samantha Highfill and Tim Stack.

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