By Ian Goldstein
Updated October 16, 2015 at 12:51 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

“Flinch” might sound like a nonsense game, but testing the “steely nerves” of a supermodel and TV star is important.

Matt Bomer and Cindy Crawford did their best to remain composed on Thursday night’s episode of The Late Late Show, even when having avocados shot at them.

The American Horror Story: Hotel star learned quickly not to trust host James Corden, as the Late Late Show emcee eased Bomer into a question, just before firing produce at him.

Wearing Corden’s suit jacket to avoid turning her dress into a paper towel, a reluctant Crawford stepped behind the glass. The host insisted it couldn’t be more terrifying than going down a runway.

“I flinch when my—,” Crawford said, before a smashed orange interrupted her.

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Watch the clip below to see Bomer get his revenge on Corden, coaxing him into a calm, then firing more fruit at the host.

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