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In honor of all things that go bump in the night (and of today’s release of the Goosebumps movie starring Jack Black), Amazon has exclusively provided EW with some of the most popular excerpts from five books in the Goosebumps series. The following lines are the most highlighted by Kindle users. See some of R.L. Stine’s most popular work below.

  • “Lindy looked up in wide-eyed innocence. “I’m an angel. Ask anyone.”
  • “Lindy bent to pull open the garage door, then stopped. The house next door caught”
  • “dummy seemed to be staring back at her, a twinkle of sunlight in his eyes, his grin wide and knowing.”
  • “Make him stop!” Kris screamed at her sister. “I can’t!” Lindy cried in a trembling voice. Her face became pale, her eyes wide with fear. “I can’t make him stop, Kris! He — he’s speaking for himself!”
  • “You’re a stupid jerk!” Mr. Wood repeated nastily in the same harsh growl.”
  • “Dumb,” Kris repeated, shaking her head. “Why Slappy?”
  • “dummy,” she said. “Someone threw him out. Do you believe it? He’s in perfect shape.”
  • “profitable. Lindy was going to earn twenty dollars at the Marshalls’ birthday party.”
  • “But because they were so much alike, they also managed to drive each other crazy a lot of the time.”
  • “called down, casting an angry glance at Lindy. She carefully set Mr. Wood down on his back on her bed and pulled her”
  • “Mom pointed excitedly out the car window. “Look! A cow!”
  • “everywhere. Even his cartoon smile gave me the creeps. Something was terribly wrong at King Jellyjam’s Sports Camp. And the farther I walked, my eyes searching every face for my brother, the”
  • “number. Then I cried out in surprise.”
  • “Look out your side, Wendy!” Mom cried from the front seat. “Sheep!”
  • “snickered. “And did the others think you”
  • “Mom and Dad aren’t pulling us anymore,” I told him. “The car is gone.”
  • “slime in your own HOME and your own stinky BODIES!”
  • “We play all kinds of sports,” Buddy replied. “From Ping-Pong to football. From croquet to soccer. We have swimming. We have tennis. We have archery. We even have a marbles tournament!”
  • “helping hand with the chores, don’t you DARE roll your eyes at them and whine about it. Pick up a brush and start cleaning. Just remember, the toilet brush is for the toilet and the toothbrush is for your teeth. So start scrubbin’, and before you know it, your house will be slime-free, all thanks to you! DISMISSED!”
  • “together by creating a slimy substance called polysaccharide, which causes them to stick to each other and to surfaces, forming a film of slime!”
  • “ones to do it!” I yawned again. “I’m really too tired,” I told”
  • “I raised myself up in time to see the bus driver reach one hand up to his bright blue hair. He tugged — and his face slid right off!”
  • “We’ll see,” Mom replied quietly. “We’ll see.”
  • “she cried. “We’re all okay!” We gathered”
  • “didn’t seem to hear her. We began climbing onto the bus. I looked for Mike and found him near the end of the line. His face was pale, and he still looked really shaken. “I — I was really scared,” he admitted. “But we’re okay,” I reassured him. “Now we can”
  • “There were bunk beds against three walls and a tall dresser on the fourth wall,”
  • “Uncle Al and I went up to the office and checked the records, Jay. And there is no camper here this year named Roger. Not a first name or a middle name. No Roger. No Roger at all.”
  • “You see, Billy, your parents want to take you to a very dangerous place, perhaps”
  • “venomous,” not “poisonous.” Poison is breathed, eaten, or absorbed through the skin. Venom is injected. Now go impress your science teacher with that bit of knowledge!”
  • “I need a swim, I decided. I took a step toward the water. But someone reached out from the bushes and grabbed me roughly from behind. I started to scream out in protest. But my attacker quickly clamped a hand over my mouth to silence me.”
  • “low and long, in the distance. Greg thought he saw another creature scuttle through the weeds around the corner of the house. “It’s too dark in there. I can’t see a thing,” Shari complained. “Let’s check out the basement,”
  • “Hey — what’s with this stupid camera?” Bird asked, grabbing the snapshot out of Shari’s hand. He tilted it from side to side, squinting at it. “It’s out of focus or something.” “Weird,” Greg said, shaking his head.”
  • “The road curved away from the school. They followed it past familiar houses. Then, just beyond a small wooded”
  • “Walker muttered their agreement. Pitts Landing Is the Pits. That”
  • “I’ve got to take a picture of this, he thought. To remember what the car was like when it was totally new.”
  • “How are things at the Dairy Freeze?” he asked. “We ran out of vanilla this afternoon,”
  • “There’s no crime to fight in Pitts Landing.” “We”
  • “wasn’t much different from a lot of small towns with quiet streets of”
  • “signaling to move into the left lane. A truck roared by,”
  • “things that happened there. Most likely, none of them were true. “Hey — I know what we can do for excitement,” Michael said, staring up at the house bathed”
  • “They are big dudes. Fat and kind of round. They remind me of baseball gloves. They look like they’re about to grab you and pull you and suck you inside them.”
  • “I gaped at the enormous, ugly gorilla in the doorway. It had to be eight feet tall! Shaggy brown fur. Eyes glowing red, and its big belly heaving up and down noisily.”
  • “Of course not. It’s made of rubber. Do you like it, Olivia? I made it myself.”
  • “The bell over the shop door jingled. The door swung open, and a woman and a little girl entered. Their eyes darted over the shelves and display cases of masks. William lowered his feather duster and turned to the front of his store. He had been gently dusting the shelf of delicate”
  • “Olivia was staring at a round pig mask in the first display case. The color matched her skirt and sweater.”
  • “It’s nice to see someone who takes so much pride in his work,”
  • “the dog, who was sprawled on his side, his legs stretching over the narrow aisle.”
  • “Hansel lifted his head but didn’t move. William wrapped his hands around the dog’s middle and hoisted him to his feet. “It’s a short walk home, dog. You can go back to sleep as soon as we get there.”
  • “He’s a good dog. But he isn’t interested in masks, so he sleeps all day.”
  • “I can barely see where I am going. You are lucky to have four legs. Makes it easier to walk.”


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