By Eric Renner Brown
Updated October 15, 2015 at 09:45 PM EDT
Credit: Jim Dyson/Getty Images

It’s time to restart the Radiohead rumor mill. In an interview — that was translated from English to Russian and back to English — with the Russian radio station Silver Rain, the seminal band’s guitarist Jonny Greenwood gave an update about Radiohead’s ninth album that hints at an impending arrival. “We have finished recording the new album, but we keep reevaluating the work we’ve done,” Greenwood said according to the translation. “We hope that soon we will have exactly finish it and start to build plans for a concert tour next year.”

Greenwood later clarified his comments on Twitter and wrote, “What I actually said: lots has been recorded, and we’re about to go through it all… to see if it’s any good. And we HOPE to tour next year: no plans confirmed yet. Sorry for the over enthusiastic translator.”

As stingy as Radiohead has been in recent years with new music — their most recent albums are 2007’s In Rainbows and 2011’s The King of Limbs — they’re pretty prolific when it comes to giving updates about their projects. Just last month, drummer Phil Selway told the Press Association that Radiohead has “quite a busy autumn coming up” and is going full-bore toward finish their next record. “Being asked about Radiohead never becomes a tiresome question,” Selway added. “The fact people are still interested, that can only be a wonderful thing.”

The Radiohead drought doesn’t mean its members have shied away from music. Greenwood made his latest comments while promoting Junun, an album he recorded in India with Israeli composer Shye Ben Tzur that comes out Nov. 13 — and is the subject of a forthcoming documentary from frequent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson. Greenwood also scored Anderson’s two most recent films: 2012’s The Master and 2014’s Inherent Vice. Singer Thom Yorke released a solo album last year (Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes) and an album with his supergroup Atoms for Peace in 2013. Selway put out a solo album of his own in 2014.