By Clark Collis
Updated October 15, 2015 at 04:17 PM EDT
Credit: Everett Collection

The characters in the new Halloween-set horror-comedy Gravy (out now on VOD, DVD, and Blu-ray) are too busy eating folks — or being eaten by folks — to watch horror movies. But what films does the film’s director and co-writer, Psych star James Roday, recommend people check out on Oct. 31 to get themselves in a suitably spooky mood?

“I would say, have a few drinks and put The Strangers on,” he suggests. “Then, about an hour in, you could probably go to a party or go trick-or-treating. But definitely get that first hour in. If it’s the end of your Halloween night and maybe you’ve got 90 minutes left in you, you could always throw on this French movie Inside, if you want to really screw yourself. [Chuckles] I feel like that’s a pretty good Halloween movie. Old school, you could always throw on Texas Chain Saw Massacre. I just don’t think you can ever go wrong with that.”

You can see the trailers for The Strangers and Gravy, below.