Credit: Nina Subin

Emma Donoghue, best-selling author of Room, will publish her next book with Little, Brown and Company in 2016, publisher Reagan Arthur announced today.

The Wonder will be set in rural 1850s Ireland. According to the release, “The Wonder tells the riveting story of Anna, an eleven-year-old who has stopped eating but remains alive and well, and Lib, an English nurse charged with determining whether the girl is a fraud.” Little, Brown also calls the book a psychological thriller, with “a child’s murder threatening to occur in slow motion before our eyes.” Given Room‘s outstanding success, Donoghue has already proven her skill at writing incredible young children suffering dangerous circumstances.

“I am delighted to be publishing The Wonder — my return to my homeland of Ireland — with the team at Little, Brown who have bourght such verve to my last three books,” Donoghue says in the release.

Says Judith Clain, VP, Editor-in-Chief of Little, Brown, “Like a great piece of classic literature, it works on many levels — a simple story of two strangers who will transform each other’s lives, a page-turning psychological thriler, adn a story about faith, doubt, and love. Emma Donoghue has written a masterpiece.”

The film adaptation of Donoghue’s Room hits theaters Friday, Oct. 16.