'Why not put a massive cake on the beach?' Joe Jonas asks.
Credit: Blackcoff.ee

DNCE’s new music video for “Cake by The Ocean,” premiering exclusively on EW, features Gigi Hadid’s directorial debut, and quite literally, cake by the ocean — entertainer the Fat Jewish, who has come under fire in recent months, gets pelted with sweets in an effort to become the “cake fight champion.”

As for the rest of the video, which follows the “DNCE’s International Cake Fight Championship,” lead singer Joe Jonas says the concept came to the band almost immediately. “We were thinking of ideas and turned around and said, ‘Why not put a massive cake on the beach?,'” Jonas tells EW. “It came together really quickly and were really excited about it because it’s just something that I think is wacky and fun.”

While putting an elephant-size piece of cake on the sand in Huntington Beach, California seems messy, the cleanup was easier than expected. “We all just ate the cake off the sand,” bassist/keyboardist Cole Whittle says. “Everyone had cake and had fun.”

Jonas’ girlfriend, supermodel Gigi Hadid makes her directorial debut with the video for DNCE’s debut single — she co-directed with Black Coffee — but Hadid is no stranger to music videos, having appeared in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video over the summer. “She’s always had a high creative eye so she came up with concept and we rolled with it,” Jonas says. “She was a good boss.”

Next up, the band, which also features drummer Jack Lawless and guitarist JinJoo Lee, will put out their first EP SWAAY and perform at iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball as they travel the country this December. And despite 20-hour days in the studio for the past few months, the group members describe their lives as “one fun behind-the-scenes moment” and look forward to more craziness next year.

“We’re going to start touring in November,” Jonas explains, “and then hopefully next year is just a worldwide world wind of intergalactic touring every single place ever.”

Enjoy DNCE’s first video here, exclusively streaming on EW:

SWAAY drops Oct. 23.