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He stole the show throughout the first month of Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance, but Jeff Varner won’t have a chance to steal CBS’ million dollars as he was the fourth person voted out on last night’s episode. But you can bet your bottom dollar that he has PLENTY to say about what went down on the island, and he does exactly that on this week’s edition of Survivor Talk.

Varner sits down to chat with special guest cohost Eliza Orlins (Survivor: Vanuatu & Micronesia) and yours truly to talk about how it all went wrong. Why did Abi turn on him when he was the most loyal person to her out there? What about Tasha and her game still drives him absolutely crazy several months later? And what is it that happened at the original tribe switcheroo that we didn’t see that then eventually led to his freak-out after the immunity challenge?

Varner discusses all that and more on the new episode of Survivor Talk. Oh, and there may be another surprise along the way. What could it be? Click on the video player above to find out! Also make sure to read my full Survivor episode recap and Jeff Probst Q&A, and for more Survivor scoops, follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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