One exciting thing about Sherlock’s estranged father Morland entering season 4 of Elementary? It means the delightful John Noble is back on TV. And the English actor couldn’t be more excited.

“Such an interesting character to come on [to], having been built up over three seasons,” Noble tells EW at New York Comic Con. “I guess folks have an expectation of what he’s going to be like, so that’ll be fascinating to see what they think when they see.”

Papa Holmes enters after Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) has another drug relapse. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) has heard a lot of stories about him—many negative— so she’s a bit skeptical. Morland will be difficult to pin, but he wields an air of mystery and an undeniable influence.

“He moves in different worlds. He moves above government,” Noble adds. “He’s this very strange fellow that can get anything he wants and doesn’t abuse the privilege. He does save the day for Sherlock — and Sherlock can’t wait for him to leave!”

During the Elementary NYCC panel, Noble said Morland doesn’t seem to be bothered by Sherlock’s constant annoyance: “I think [Sherlock is] expecting more reaction to his disdain for his father … but it doesn’t go anywhere for him, Morland never really takes the bait, so he’s pretty frustrated.”

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See Noble’s full interview above. Elementary returns Nov. 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.


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