Credit: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

It seemed hubris got the better of former NFL stars Michael Strahan and Tony Gonzalez as they faced off against Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night’s episode of The Tonight Show.

Fallon teamed up with Bridge of Spies star Eve Hewson to play the athletes in a new Tonight Show game: Four-Way Air Hockey.

Though Fallon initiated a threat, telling Strahan and Gonzalez he and Hewson would “crush” them, Gonzalez came back with some trash talk of his own.

“You’re about to lose to a Latin guy and a black guy in a game of hockey,” Gonzalez told Fallon.

Gonzalez was only talk though, as Fallon and Hewson managed to grab a point in each round, leaving the former NFL stars scoreless.

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Watch the clip below to the see game intensify with use of two pucks and Strahan dish out some more trash talk.

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