Great Scott! Back to the Future Day is near, and the two stars of the 1985 classic are feeling nostalgic. Michael J. Fox, who played the teenaged Marty McFly in the series, chats with Christopher Lloyd – the eccentric Doc Brown — in a brand new video.

The spot, produced by Toyota, features the pair in a diner, listing things Back to the Future Part II correctly predicted back in 1989.

3D movies and fingerprint technology are here, but the self-tying Nikes aren’t around (yet). Hoverboards? We’re maybe getting there. The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series? It’s still possible! But even funnier was projecting what would endure 30 years of technological advances.

“Can you believe we said fax machines would still be around?” Fox ponders. “Yeah, I got a fax machine,” Lloyd replies. “Who do you fax?” Fox incredulously asks. “I fax the people I fax!” Lloyd defends. It’s like nothing has changed.

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See the teaser above. The full video will debut on Oct. 21 — the day Marty traveled to in the film— on Toyota’s website.


Back to the Future

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