For a series focused on a jaded actor’s relationship with fans and fan conventions, there’s perhaps no better venue to discuss Con Man than at one of those ‘Cons. EW did just that with Alan Tudyk, creator and star of the crowdfunded web series Con Man.

In the series, now available on Vimeo, Tudyk plays Wray Nerely, an actor who was on a short-lived but beloved sci-fi series who now mostly subsists off public appearances at fan conventions. Con Man follows him on the brink of trying to secure more work, grappling with the state of his career, and meeting up with plenty of familiar faces along the way.

Con Man is filled with no shortage of real life friends and former co-stars of Tudyk’s, from Felicia Day to Nolan North to Mindy Sterling to Tudyk’s fellow Firefly castmate Nathan Fillion. Tudyk spoke to EW about how those various names got to be involved in the project, along with how the series’ crowdfunding beginnings allowed him to complete his vision for the project — and if that vision includes a season 2.

But Tudyk doesn’t only have Con Man on his plate: he’s also part of the Star Wars: Rogue One ensemble, and Tudyk spoke about what it was like joining the iconic franchise.

Watch the interview above to hear more from Tudyk. Con Man is currently on Vimeo, with more episodes releasing throughout the month on Vimeo.

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