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The Muppets has had a bit of an identity crisis in its first four weeks. From being all about the central Kermit-Piggy relationship to a celebrity-filled cameo fest, “Pig Out” seems to put the focus squarely on the workplace comedy that’s meant to be the anchor of the setup.

And like most workplace comedies, there’s a gulf between the main group of workers and their bosses. But when one of those bosses is Miss Piggy, any attention her staff pays not in her direction is attention she wants. And so yet again Kermit faces another problem as Piggy forces her way into an after-hours get-together, which becomes an even greater issue when it turns out the crew actually likes hanging out with Piggy. (Though it doesn’t help if Ed Helms is involved.)

Kermit eventually uses Piggy’s own ego to convince her she shouldn’t keep hanging out with the crew because she’s too special for them, and Statler finds his seat back in the audience, so for now the show goes on, with hopefully only one major hangover to disrupt production.

So from Rapper’s Delight to Sam’s new crush, here are our five favorite moments from “Pig Out”:

  • Shot Through the Felt: The only thing more dangerous than Fozzie armed with bad jokes is Fozzie armed with a T-shirt cannon, as Statler learns the hard way. An accidentally shot shirt knocks one half of the curmudgeonly duo out of his chair and into the hospital. (Sidenote: Can we have more Uncle Deadly, please? His offer to cover things up was delightfully creepy, and combined with Bobo’s recent great moments, it feels like the show is at its best when focusing on the minor characters.) Fozzie, wracked with guilt, decides to do a laundry list of chores for Statler, only to return and find that it was all a ruse. Fozzie’s a sucker and Statler won’t let him forget it soon.
  • Sam and Janice: “Janice just said ‘Hey, Sam.’ Now, that could mean one of two things: ‘Hello to you my colleague, Sam,’ or the more obvious, ‘I’ve loved you for a million lifetimes.’” Keep on dreaming, Sam. Despite harboring a crush for the Electric Mayhem member, the bird behind standards and practices can’t find a way to connect, especially once Helms enters the picture.

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    The two bond during the crew’s karaoke-filled evening, and Sam drowns his sorrows in an expectedly dark rendition of “Wing Beneath My Wings.”

  • Swedish Delight: Everyone in the crew has their go-to karaoke tracks, and Helms is more than willing to lend his The Office-proven pipes to a number of them. But it’s Swedish Chef who proves the biggest star of the night for his rendition of Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight.” Naturally, it wouldn’t be a karaoke session without, “Don’t Stop Believing,” though.
  • The Morning After: Kermit walks in to find a hungover Yolanda and not a single other crew member in sight. He has her rally the troops, only to speak with them all at a scatter-brained morning meeting. Scooter lost his glasses, Beaker and Bunsen switched outfits, and the Chef is mocking Kermit. Though he eventually regains control of his staff by manipulating Piggy, he has to use a bit of Piggy’s expert manipulation tactics on the late night host herself in order to get her to abandon the crew.
  • Some of the night’s best lines include:

Piggy: “Just this morning, I’m lying by the pool and my landscape designer starts bragging about his kids. Don’t you hate it when that happens?”

Scooter: “Uh, we don’t have those.”

Piggy: “What, landscape designers?”

Scooter: “Landscapes.”

Piggy: “Do these diamonds make me look relatable?”

Nurse: “Any known allergies?”

Statler: “Just chocolate. Yeah, I got into my cupboard once, ate a lot of it. Got real sick and there was talk of putting me down. Oh wait, no that was my dog.”

Fozzie: “You know, it really feels good to do something nice for somebody you shot in the face.”

Bonus: Beaker’s impression of Miss Piggy:

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