By Anthony Breznican
Updated October 13, 2015 at 09:31 PM EDT

Back in the old days of the 1970s and ’80s, we didn’t get much backstory for characters known rather crudely as Hammerhead, Prune Face, and Walrus Man.

But now, a few of the stranger characters revealed in this summer’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens behind-the-scenes footage are strangers no more.

At least two are getting their own history via upcoming short stories — among them, the small, jester-like woman sitting astride this trollish alien as well as this dashing, lobster-type fellow. Let’s go old school and think of them as Jester Girl and Lobsterman.

Her name is apparently Bazine, and although we don’t yet know exactly who — or what — she is (or why she chose such a heavy brow), we’ll find out in Delilah S. Dawson’s “The Perfect Weapon.” That eShort is set for release Nov. 24.

On Dec. 1, look for Landry Walker’s eBook anthology, Star Wars: Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens, which will focus on four background creatures from The Force Awakens. The titles are “High Noon on Jakku,” “All Creatures Great and Small,” “The Face of Evil,” and “The Crimson Corsair and the Treasure of Count Dooku,” which is expected to feature the pirate-looking fellow in red; the “Crimson Corsair” sounds like a nickname, but he probably has an actual one that sounds like it popped out of this.

The four stories will later be released in print form with two other as-yet-unspecified tales, but you’ll have to wait for them. That book, featuring illustrations by ILM artist Tyler Scarlett, won’t go on sale until April 2016.

In December, look for the short story“Star Wars: Bait” by Alan Dean Foster, focusing on somebody named Grumgarr. Maybe we’ve seen Grumgarr, maybe we haven’t, but he sounds … cheerful?

If you want to find out what happens six years before The Force Awakens, you’ll have to wait a few months after it comes out. Claudia Gray’s Star Wars: New Republic: Bloodline, will chronicle events in the galaxy a little over a half-decade before we see it on screen, but the book won’t be released until March 29, 2016.

Finally, we now know the titles of Chuck Wendig’s two follow-up titles to the recently released Aftermath, which explores what transpires between the Empire and Rebellion shortly after the events of Return of the Jedi.

Star Wars: Aftermath: Life Debt is set to come out in summer 2016. Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire’s End drops in summer 2017.

Empire’s… end? Or The First Order’s beginning?