Using raptors to hunt terrorists in Afghanistan?

This year Jurassic World took a huge bite out of the box office, scoring the biggest opening weekend ever and going on to gross $1.7 billion worldwide — but blockbuster success didn’t stop the folks at Screen Junkies from calling the plot police on the Colin Trevorrow-directed reboot.

The latest installment of Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailer series has plenty of questions for Jurassic World. First of all, what’s up with bad guy Hoskins’ (Vincent D’Onofrio) nefarious plan, which is essentially “to strap cameras on barely trained raptors’ heads and use them to hunt terrorists in Afghanistan”?

In addition to doubting the viability of that Dr. Evil-esque scheme, the honest trailer wonders why Irrfan Khan’s CEO character is the only guy on a chain of small islands who can fly a helicopter, why anyone would give a dinosaur created for public display the ability to camouflage, why the park would only have one lazy security guard watching over the most dangerous animal on the planet, and why there’s a random divorce subplot in the film.

But all that nitpicking aside, who can resist “Zoo Lord” (Chris Pratt), “Bryce Dallas Texas” (er, Howard), and a T. Rex and raptor tag-team fight?

Watch the honest trailer for Jurassic World above.

Jurassic World

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