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October 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of iZombie. (You can read our full recap of the episode here.) Read at your own risk!

Zombies are now the least of Major’s worries on iZombie.

In the wake of becoming Max Rager’s personal zombie hunter, Major (Robert Buckley) has been struggling with the direction of his life — that is, until he discovered the recreational joys of Utopium.

During Tuesday’s episode, Major was enlisted to monitor Ravi (Rahul Kohli) while he was on Utopium — he took it in order to better understand the drug in hopes of recreating the zombie cure — but Liv’s former flame decided to take some himself, leading to a killer hangover. However, that didn’t stop Major from bringing the drug home and using it to cope with his PZTSD (post-zombie traumatic stress syndrome, natch).

“He will hit rock bottom,” executive producer Rob Thomas teases. “That’s the journey that he’s going on. He’s doing this horrible thing and can’t quite stand himself.”

Major’s spiral comes after Max Rager essentially blackmailed him into eradicating Seattle’s zombie problem, lest they target Liv (Rose McIver) first. “That is his big mission, trying to keep himself and Liv alive,” Thomas says. “In order to do that, he has to take out these zombies. You’re going to watch him do that for a long time. It’s going to be a moral crisis for him. It’s a big part of the reason he’s going down into that Utopium well. It will be tearing him a part and it doesn’t get any easier for him for a long time.”

However, Thomas continues, “He’s not just going to sit back and take it all season. At some point, he’s got to figure out how to turn the tables on Max Rager. It’s not that you will watch 22 episodes of him forlornly simply going about this task. Part of the journey will be him trying to figure out a way out of it.”

It won’t be long before someone discovers Major’s drug problem. “It’s pretty hard to hide,” Thomas says. “Possibly if you watch one more episode, Ravi will be picking up on it.” And Liv is soon to follow.

“We were excited about playing the moment where Liv and Major have it out,” he continues. “He certainly doesn’t want to have anything to do with her at the beginning of the season. At a certain point not too far down the road, she will have had enough and will confront him. That was one of the things that we wanted to build toward early that does give us a really hefty, dramatic scene with Major.”

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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