By Isabella Biedenharn
Updated October 13, 2015 at 03:50 PM EDT

Hervé Tullet, author of the smash best-seller Press Here, which is entering its fifth year on the New York Times Picture Books Bestseller List, will write a followup to Press Here and Mix It Up! with Chronicle Books, EW announces exclusively. Let’s Play! will be published in Spring 2016.

Press Here and Mix it Up! follow a yellow dot as it blooms into multiples and shifts into different colors, all with the help of the child’s physical interaction with the book. Let’s Play! follows suit:

“After Press Here and Mix it Up!, I wanted to find another way to explore the dialogue between the book and the reader,” Tullet tells EW. “In Let’s Play!, the dot becomes a character with feelings and emotions. In the text, I use words that encourage the reader to play, gesture, and have fun with the child they are reading with. The book is really a tool for interaction between the reader and child that needs a reader’s voice in order to work.”

“Hervé has this amazing ability to consistently push the boundaries of children’s bookmaking so far that it even goes beyond the pages of his own book. Just wait and see!” says editor Christopher Franceschelli, head of the Chronicle imprint Handprint Books. “And he always does it with a reassuring twinkle in his eye!”

Check out the cover and sample pages below:

Hervé Tullet / Chronicle Books
Hervé Tullet / Chronicle Books
Hervé Tullet / Chronicle Books