"We're kindred spirits," he says of the 'Full House' actor

By Dana Rose Falcone
October 13, 2015 at 06:30 PM EDT
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Two episodes into Grandfathered, and we’ve already seen John Stamos in short shorts, Josh Peck cry during Kramer vs. Kramer, and a guest appearance from Lil Wayne. And Tuesday night, viewers of the Fox sitcom will experience Jimmy (Stamos) and his newly discovered child Gerald (Peck) getting wasted in the name of father-son bonding.

“We get pretty well lubricated with some top-shelf alcohol and sure enough let the hijinks ensue,” Peck explains to EW. “Be it the feelings and secrets about ourselves while playing some spirited games of truth or dare, beer pong, and [drinking from] kegs indoors.”

While the boozy boys’ night takes place — or as Peck puts it, Edie’s “dad and grandfather are out being knuckleheads” — Vanessa (Christina Milian) is watching the baby. In the series’ debut, Gerald had started to lay the groundwork to get to know the mother of his daughter in a more romantic way, but the pursuit has been put on hold for now.

“Further down the line it’s definitely a possibility, but I think Vanessa is in this position that many girls I’ve dated in my life have been in, which is she knows that Gerald is probably the guy for her — not to mention that they have a kid together — but she’s not quite ready to stop being an idiot yet,” Peck says. “Gerald’s going to have to wait in the wings and hope that she gets it out of her system.”    

In addition to lady troubles, Peck believes he has a few other traits in common with his Grandfathered character. “Gerald and I sort of share this awkward, more reserved outlook on life,” the former Nickelodeon star says. “But I’m always happily surprised by moments where I feel totally comfortable and at ease in like the craziest situations.”

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Peck also relates to his TV dad. “We’re boys!” Peck says of him and Stamos. “We’re kindred spirits. We bromance hard. We went to Halloween horror night on Saturday together.”

While filming Tuesday night’s episode, though, Peck had a moment where he realized, like many of us, that Stamos might just be too perfect.

“There’s a part where we’re playing beer pong in a montage and the director yells out, ‘Take a sip John and then burp.’ And he kept trying to burp and he couldn’t,” Peck recalls. “The camera’s on me and I’m playing drunk and I’m like, ‘I knew it, you’re a robot. You’re perfect. I never see you eat, I never see you sleep, and you can’t burp. You’re a robot!’ And it’s a little bit how I feel in real life.'”

On screen, Peck thinks the 25-year-old dad and ladies’ man restaurateur can learn from each other. “Jimmy can use some humanizing, some softening. Gerald definitely could use a bit of toughening up and exposure to life,” Peck says. “They’re both becoming enlightened to parts of themselves that they didn’t know existed.”

In addition to an upcoming shirtless scene for Peck, the 28-year-old actor says fans of the new comedy can expect an impressive lineup of guest stars going forward. Criss Angel and Richie Sambora join the show for next week’s episode, and of course there’s the highly-anticipated Full House reunion when Dave Coulier and Bob Saget (who appeared in the pilot), head to Grandfathered. And Peck has his own suggestions for who he’d like to see on the series, including a reunion from one of his past hit shows.

“It’d be cool to have Donald Trump on the show. I bet he’d do it,” Peck says.” And at some point we’re going to have to bring in Drake Bell from Drake & Josh to complete the spectrum.”

Grandfathered airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET on Fox.

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