October 12, 2015 at 08:02 PM EDT

What’s the creepiest cinematic conconction to watch at Halloween?

That’s the question we’ve posed to a collection of horror-movie loving actors and directors, and we’ll be revealing their final answers closer to Oct. 31.

To get things started, we handed the metaphorical pumpkin-carving knife to Oscar-winner, fright fan, and big-time Halloween-head Nicolas Cage, whose own horror history includes 1988’s Vampire’s Kiss and the supernatural thriller Pay the Ghost, which is available to watch via VOD and iTunes.

So, what exactly creeps out the Cage-meister? “I think anything by Hideo Nakata, the Japanese horror film director, would be worthwhile,” says the actor. “I just went through the whole Ringu anthology. I think he has this wonderful sense of dream logic that’s incomparably spooky. I’ve not seen anything quite like it. What a vision this director has.”

You can see a trailer for the original 1998 Ringu and Pay the Ghost below.

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