By Isabella Biedenharn
October 12, 2015 at 04:43 PM EDT

Winnie Flynn, the star of Micol and David Ostow’s excellent new graphic novel The Devil and Winnie Flynn, doesn’t believe in ghosts, so it’s no big deal when her TV producer aunt asks for help with a reality show hunting for the New Jersey Devil. But soon, it seems like the Devil is more real than Winnie would like to believe.

One section of the book, which EW exclusively excerpts below, brilliantly teases out horror movie tropes. “The story takes place on the set of a ghost hunter-type reality TV show, and the relationship between real life and media is a big theme,” illustrator David Ostow tells EW. “Winnie is a horror fan herself, and can be found throughout the narrative comparing the circumstances of her own adventure with the tropes and cliches from her favorite movies, so on my list of illustrations for the book, ‘Rules of Horror Movies’ was kind of a must.”

Check out the rules below, and get your copy of The Devil and Winnie Flynn Tuesday, Oct. 13.