Credit: Press Here Publicity

Bloc Party surprised fans last week when they dropped new song, “The Love Within.” Now, the band has another big reveal: a new album called Hymns.

A release describes the collection as a “rebirth” for the band, since drummer Matt Tong left the group in 2013 and bassist Gordon Moakes left in March 2015. The new lineup includes Justin Harris on bass and Louise Bartle on drums.

“Bloc Party started with just Kele and I,” founding guitarist Russell Lissack said in a statement, “and we used to write the songs together, and we found other people and grew from that. It feels like that’s happened again.”

He continued, “It’s still a very live record. Everything has been played, though it doesn’t necessarily sound like that. We take a lot of influence from electronic music, for example, and then try to bring that into a completely different environment.”

“What Russell is doing now is completely blowing my mind,” lead vocalist Kele Okereke said. “He’s using the guitar as an instrument of white noise, as well as a melodic tool. I’m super-excited about getting this music in front of people.”

The band confirmed that Hymns will be out in January 2016, and they’ll tour throughout Europe and Australia until then. A tracklist is below:

1. The Love Within

2. Only He Can Heal Me

3. So Real

4. The Good News

5. Fortress

6. Different Drugs

7. Into The Earth

8. My True Name

9. Virtue

10. Exes

11. Living Lux

12. Eden (deluxe edition bonus track)

13. Paradiso (deluxe edition bonus track)

14. New Blood (deluxe edition bonus track)

15. Evening Song (deluxe edition bonus track)