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People often make sacrifices during war — but not always by choice. No one knows about that more than the beautiful apocalypse survivors on The CW’s The 100. The show’s second season is essentially a battle between who should be making sacrifices, who is making sacrifices, and who is beingforced to make sacrifices.

An exclusive deleted clip from the season 2 DVD release shows that Dr. Tsing (Rekha Sharma) and Cage Wallace (Johnny Whitworth) think everyone is worth sacrificing.

The original scene from episode 7, “Long Into an Abyss” showed Keenan Mykulak (Emily Haine) writhing in pain outside Mount Weather as she died from radiation while Dr. Tsing told Cage to leave her out there. The good doctor wanted to get a full reading.

However, in the deleted scene, we see a bit more conversation about their actions before they let poor Keenan die. “Science takes time,” Tsing says. “There are dead ends and blind alleys on the path to every breakthrough.” And Cage genuinely processes this before deciding to let Keenan die for the greater good. See! They weren’t actually monsters… this episode.

The 100: The Complete Second Season — which releases Tuesday, Oct. 13 — features more deleted scenes as well as Creating the World of The 100 and a gag real.

The 100 season 3 returns to The CW midseason.

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