Credit: Matt Sullivan/NASCAR via Getty Images

Steven Tyler is the latest celebrity to request that a politician to stop using their music while campaigning.

The Aerosmith frontman’s legal team sent Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump a second cease-and-desist letter, asking him to stop using “Dream On” at campaign events. The letter, obtained by EW, says, “Trump for President does not have our client’s permission to use ‘Dream On’ or any of our client’s other music in connection with the Campaign because it gives the false impression that he is connected with or endorses Mr. Trump’s presidential bid.”

Tyler first asked Trump to stop playing the song after a rally in Mobile, Alabama on Aug. 21, but he’s been using the song ever since. The letter states that if Trump does not stop using the song, Tyler will pursue legal action against the campaign.

“This is not a political nor personal issue with Mr. Trump, Steven works tirelessly with both Republicans and Democrats regarding copyright reform and his position has always been consistent regarding copyright and intellectual property,” an attorney for Tyler said in a statement to EW. “Simply, one must get permission from the music creators. Steven wrote 100% of ‘Dream On,’ and this is about the un-authorized use of his property. Steven is a registered Republican.”