By Nick Romano
October 10, 2015 at 10:12 PM EDT
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Hordes of fans were packed into New York’s Madison Square Garden to see the Walking Dead season 6 premiere and its stars for a special event. Based on the volume of screams and applause, though, the real rock star of the night was Norman Reedus.

While Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, and the rest of the main cast emerged in tuxes, gala gowns, and cocktail wear, their co-star rode a motorcycle through the audience and up on the stage. “I mean, if you’re goin’ enter, you might as well enter,” said event host and Community star Yvette Nicole Brown. 

After debuting the season 6 premiere for the fans, which showrunner Robert Kirkman teased as merely the beginning of the most intense season yet, Brown led the cast in a Q&A.

While Lincoln reminisced about holding “the record for most ticks” on his body, Reedus revealed how he showed up to work one day pants-less. “I was late,” he said. “They put one of the crew members in my outfit.”

Previewing Daryl’s arc in season 6, Reedus said that, while “he was really against [Alexandria] in the beginning,” these people “made him find his sense of self-worth, and I think he’s still trying to find that.” Much like we saw with Morgan in the premiere episode, the actor further teased that Daryl and Rick will “have a little back-and-forth.”

Alanna Masterson, who is expecting her first child, remarked that the women on the show “are invincible,” and cited her mother who “had a ton of kids” and no one gave “her any slack.” Christian Serratos echoed this sentiment. “All the characters, all the women are very well-rounded and capable. Also, everyone’s very human…You guys are each one of us.”

Among the aftermath of the season 5 finale, the premiere addresses the dynamic between Glenn and his aggressor, Nicholas (Michael Traynor), who last we saw grappling with Glenn in the woods. Steven Yeun describes what happened as “a very complex moment. It’s a moment when [Glenn] saw a bit of himself in him, and he didn’t think it would be right for him to end it there.”

Of course, he had to tell Maggie about it. “If the group knows, if Rick knows, all hell will break loose,” said Lauren Cohan. “Glenn makes a very good point that there’s a chance of redeeming himself.”

Fans didn’t have time to ponder what might befall the characters in the episodes ahead, because soon they were bombarded by special guest appearances. Emily Kinney helped the cast play a Family Feud-esque game Walking Dead Family Face Off, Jon Bernthal popped up for a group hug with his former buddies and make fun of their “tuxes and s–t,” and Michael Rooker came out to show Ross Marquand how to do a proper impression of him. Plus, a few celebs, including Simon Pegg and James Corden, pre-recorded questions for the cast.

In addition, Scott Wilson became the first inductee into The Walking Dead Hall of Fame, though David Morrissey as The Governor popped up on the jumbo screen to pull a Kanye West. “I’ma let you finish, but we know it’s The Governor whose the greatest deceased character of all time,” he said. “In all seriousness, Scott, it was a pleasure beheading you.”

After watching the first episode of season 6 and hearing the cast discuss the coming action, the biggest question still plaguing fans is, Did Michonne eat Morgan’s last peanut butter bar? (This will be made more clear in the premiere episode, which premieres this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.) “Listen, listen. It’s an apocalypse,” Gurira joked. “If I see it, it’s mine.”

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